Conversations of Race & Allyship in the Workplace

Stop being an ally, and learn how "to ally."

Why Merging Path?

The current climate demanding institutional reform also influences companies to have critical conversations about racial representation, equality, and allyship.
Companies are ill equipped to arrange the complicated puzzle of race, bias, representation, and emotions to meet the needs of their employees.
Some people want to act as an ally but don't know how or where to start.
Teams are working remotely across different time zones and environments.
Teams are working remotely across different time zones and environments which is making these conversations even more challenging.
Employees need a unifying team building activity around inclusion to celebrate each other and bond as a team
How can we become aware of our own habits and how these habits affect our team members?

Client Stories

"The Race and Allyship program was extremely enlightening and educational. The program taught us how we could view and approach this sensitive topic with a primary goal of collaboration. I highly recommend this program, especially given current events."
—Rob S.
"Really want to appreciate you for navigating between leading an effective conversation and contributing as an individual in a meaningful way. It was both terrific to experience as a participant and a cool opportunity to take notes on how to switch hats gracefully."
—Dan K.
Director of Engineering
"The processing session gave me the opportunity to come to grips with what I was feeling internally and what I was showing externally. In addition, it provided me resources on how I can communicate these feelings in a professional / corporate setting.

Lastly, Brooks provided a safe and inviting setting that empowered the team to share their points of view, all without judgment. This was monumental for the team during their processing and healing journey."
—Damion W.
Senior Sales Leader & Diversity Programs
"Brooks has an amazing energy and temperament for doing this type of work - he's empathetic, energetic and is quickly able to earn trust to bring everyone into the conversation. Our team found his workshop to be eye-opening and informative and left us all with concrete ways to act as an ally in our lives at work and outside.”
—Jesse B.

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Brooks Elliott Scott
Your Executive Coach, Owner & Founder

Meet Your
Executive Coach

I’ve always been the guy that people go to when they need to talk about how to handle difficult situations. Whether I was working as a VP in the private sector building diverse teams from scratch, the lead on high-level security teams, a state trooper, a 5th grade teacher, or an executive coach, I realized that while I was damn good at what I was doing, everything I did had a singular focus: connection and communication.

Here’s the bottom line: as humans, we are biologically wired to connect. But we’ve strayed so far from that truth that we have basically trained ourselves to be pretty shitty at connecting. The good news is...we can change that.

I create the kind of safe space that fast-tracks authentic conversations and connection in whatever kind of dynamic I’m working with. That's my specialty, my gift, and why I choose to be an executive coach.

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