Conversations of Race & Allyship:

The “Tactical Teacher” Edition

Equip your educators with the tools to navigate sensitive conversations about race in the classroom.

Why Tactical Teacher?

Classes are taught remotely across different environments.
How can we become more aware of how the way we talk about race could potentially cause harm to our fellow teachers and students?
Educators need a unifying team building activity around inclusion to celebrate each other and bond as a team.
Educators may not be equipped to create action towards inclusion.
Critical conversations about racial representation, equality, allyship, and inclusion are happening in the classroom.
Allies don’t know what it means to take action as an ally.  And, they don’t know how or where to start.
How can we learn to arrange the complicated puzzle of race, bias, and inclusion into our everyday work.

Merging Path's Solution:
The Tactical Teacher

Virtual Sessions for up to 12 Educators
2-Hour Session
Discussion, Self-Reflection, Action

“You don’t always have to know where you’re going, to know which direction to go.”

— Brooks Elliott Scott

Meet your Executive Coach

I'm a connection percolator.

What does that mean? It means I build connection not only through what I say and do, but more importantly, in how I listen.

I’ve always been the person that people go to when they need guidance handling difficult conversations. Whether working as a VP for a $9-billion dollar cyber-security company, building diverse teams from scratch, the Manager of Operations for the protection team for the CEO and COO of Facebook, a state trooper, a 5th-grade school teacher, an executive coach, D&I strategy advisor, or advising on internal & external communications for companies, I realized that while I was damn good at what I was doing, everything I did had a singular focus: connection & communication.
Here’s the bottom line: as humans, we're biologically wired to connect. But we’ve strayed so far from that truth that we have trained ourselves to be pretty shitty at connecting. The good news is...we can change that.
It is possible to fast-track an authentic connection and relationship by learning better ways to communicate. That's my specialty, my gift, and why I choose to be an Executive Coach.

The Tactical Teacher Key Objectives

Communications training on how to frame sensitive conversations aboutrace and when it  shows up in reading material, curriculum, and school discussions.
Processing different perspectives and common phrases that could unintentionally cause harm.
Identification of steps we can take as an Ally, and what to do when we mess up (because we all will and do).
Understanding the affects of trauma on the way we talk and listen to students, parents, and educators during conversations about race.

Teacher Testimonials

"I really enjoyed Brooks' style and approach.  I took away several things I believe I can use in my classroom in general discussions with my students"
—Franklin Towne High School
Philadelphia, PA
"I thought the training with Brooks was excellent. Brooks was professional and got his point across in an appropriate manner. The training provided me, and I even think the entire department, the reassurance that was needed to provide and facilitate discussion on sensitive issues in our world through the literature we teach."
—Franklin Towne High School
Philadelphia, PA
"Brooks was a dynamic, heartfelt presenter and engaged our department in important sensitive topics with ease. The way he presented information as “not telling you what to do or how to think but offering another way of looking at something” is very applicable to the classroom setting.

His techniques about tactical teaching will allow us to hold these conversations in an informed, sensitive way that creates a safe space while stressing the importance of not sharing teacher personal opinions/beliefs, but allowing the students the space to share and listen to perspectives that are acknowledged and valued."
—Franklin Towne High School
Philadelphia, PA

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