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Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

Is it stuffy in here, or is it just your team? It’s time to get up out of the office and learn new ways to increase dialogue through bonding, laughter, vulnerability, and trust.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching, just for you. Your Merging Path Coach will highlight your blind spots, teach you to how to be a more effective communicator, and show you a framework for how to have ANY difficult conversation - from breaking up with your partner, to interviewing, to asking for a promotion

This will skyrocket your career and personal health when you can show up and use your gifts in a way that creates a fulfilling life.  Stop playing life small.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

It's time to fill that empty board seat with someone who thinks differently than you do.  Someone who prioritizes people and connections to drive growth, sales, and health in an organization.  Fill that seat with Brooks E. Scott.

Customized FacilitationCity Office Building

Customized Facilitation

Managing Unconscious Bias: Merging Path Coaching has partnered with Mike Rognlien, the owner & founder of Multiple Hats Management LLC & author of "This Is Now Your Company", to facilitate his course on Managing Unconscious Bias. Mike Rognlien, has almost two decades of experience building, leading, learning & developing teams in high-end tech (Facebook, Microsoft, Intel), financial services (USAA, Washington Mutual Bank) & management consultancies.

Conversations of Race & Allyship in the Workplace
The objective of this discussion is centered on 4 points:

Processing different perspectives around common phrases and perspectives used during discussions about race that could unintentionally cause harm.

Understanding how trauma affects the way that we talk and listen to people who are experiencing it. (make no mistake, we are experiencing trauma all in our own ways.)

Teaching the definition of how "to ally" -  an Ally is not something that one can simply be; it is something that one does.

Identification of steps that we can take as an Ally, and, what to do when we mess up (because we all will and do).

Feedback - How to Give & How to Receive
Learn how to give feedback and write performance reviews that are useful.  The less open to interpretation feedback is, the more useful it will be.  And the less we are in a reactive state, the more open we are to accepting and taking action on feedback. Learn skills for both content and delivery of useful feedback.

Values Discovery & Alignment
Your values will lead to clearer decisions when you commit yourself to actions you can take every day.  Through a remote team-building experience, your team will have a framework and methodology for discovering values as a team and as individuals.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategic AdvisingWide Shot of City Skyline with Bridge

Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Advising

You want to develop an effective diversity and inclusion strategy? Follow these simple 6 steps.

Communicate and talk about race in the workplace by processing the current cultural climate.

Manage your own unconscious bias by becoming more aware, noticing your own behaviors, and calling yourself and the people you work with, out when you or they act on or with bias that affects someone else's life in a negative or harmful way.

Team-Building around Values Discovery & Alignment. How can we expect to connect with each other if we don't even understand each other's values (or our own?)

Take the lessons you've learned from Managing Unconscious Bias, mix that with specific skills and tactics we can use to navigate sensitive conversations, and then combine all of it with understanding how to give useful feedback. Stop allowing your managers give shitty and biased performance evaluations.

Approach D&I with a 360 perspective.  From the selection of vendors that clean your facilities, cater your lunch, or handle your finances, to the people that are sitting on your board.

Hire, promote, support, and acknowledge people who don't look, think, act, and problem solve like you do.

Done. Diversity and Inclusion strategy solved.

You're welcome. I'll invoice you later...

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