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Meet your EXECUTIVE coach

Brooks E. Scott

I'm a connection percolator.

What does that mean? It means I build connection not
only through what I say & do, but also in how I listen.

Whether working as a VP for a $9-billion dollar cyber-security company, building diverse teams from scratch, the Manager of Operations for the protection team for the CEO & COO of Facebook, a state trooper, a 5th-grade school teacher, an executive coach, D& I strategic advisor, or advising on internal & external communications for companies, I realized that while I was damn good at what I was doing, everything I did had a singular focus: connection.

Here’s the bottom line: as humans, we are biologically wired to connect. But we’ve strayed so far from that truth that we have basically trained ourselves to be pretty bad at connection. The good news is...we can change that.

Executive Coach
Interpersonal Communications Expert
Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Advisor
People engaging in a Customized Workshop

Conscious Inclusion in Hiring Practices

Managing Unconscious Bias

Conversations of Race & Allyship in the Workplace

Feedback & Performance Reviews

Navigating Sensitive Conversations / Building Psychological Safety

Values Discovery & Alignment

Programs & Services

Our mission

To help leaders build better communication strategies for stronger relationships at work & at home. (yes, you are a leader).

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Our vision

To create a world where everyone has the skills & confidence to have all of the conversations we continue to avoid. Where we can powerfully communicate & connect with kindness & empathy as we say the things that need to be said & listen to the things that need to be heard.  

Vision of People Collaborating in an Office2

Our values

Coach In Full Degree - Focus coaching on the whole person, not only the situation & circumstance.

Merge - Focus on forward action & merge the path from where we are to where we want to be.

Motivationally Listen - Ask questions & offer perspectives instead of trying to change minds or attempt to convince anyone of anything.

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Brooks e. Scott

"You don’t always have to know where you’re going, to know which direction to go.”

I create the kind of space that fast-tracks authentic conversations & connection in whatever kind of dynamic I’m working with. That's my specialty, my gift & why I choose to be an executive coach.

Client Stories

"The Race and Allyship program was extremely enlightening and educational. The program taught us how we could view and approach this sensitive topic with a primary goal of collaboration. I highly recommend this program, especially given current events."

Rob S, CFO

"Really want to appreciate you for navigating between leading an effective conversation and contributing as an individual in a meaningful way. It was both terrific to experience as a participant and a cool opportunity to take notes on how to switch hats gracefully."

Dan K, Director of Engineering

"The processing session gave me the opportunity to come to grips with what I was feeling internally and what I was showing externally. In addition, it provided me resources on how I can communicate these feelings in a professional / corporate setting. Lastly, Brooks provided a safe and inviting setting that empowered the team to share their points of view, all without judgment."

Damion W, Senior Sales Leader & Diversity Programs

"Brooks has an amazing energy and temperament for doing this type of work - he's empathetic, energetic and is quickly able to earn trust to bring everyone into the conversation. Our team found his workshop to be eye-opening and informative and left us all with concrete ways to act as an ally in our lives at work and outside.”

Jesse B, CEO

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